Friday, May 28, 2010

A girl in a pink

A girl in a pink dress
Sits infront of a lift

See that gal trying to cut the flower(can u believe..1 beauty... cut the other...1)
The one with the pink new dress?

Let the girl, whose happier days
Preserve the perfume on her ways,

Pink is pretty,
Pink is nice.
A lovely little colour,
Filled with sugar and spice.

It makes you feel happy,
It makes you feel great.
Pink is my favourite colour,
If it were human it'd be my best mate.

All kinds of pink, I sure do love,
But why? I do not know.

It's just the sight of that colour,
That picks me up when I'm low. or reflection of some..1

The dress acually reborn her;
inevitably make her rise from her previous look