Sunday, April 19, 2009

tag 11 'n' award untuk follower 8

tag dari boo lagik larh. pasal sekolah????Which school is memorable: primary or secondary?

What kind of meal(s) or food that you like most at that school?
nasi ayam. sedap... ;D

Which subjects you like and dislike most? Why?
Like: matematik!!!!!!!!!!
Dislike: sejarah ;D

The worst punishment received and why?
kena rotan larh. sebab ponteng kelas.hehe..

Which date of school's life that bored you most?
sama dengan boo.hari isnin sebab ada phimpunan. ;D

The favourite teacher?
mr.raj!!!!!!!!! ;D

Items that you would never leave at school except pen, book, pensil case, etc?

The feelings when the time to show your report cards to your parents?
teruja aje.

Had you ever feel jealous when your friends got higher marks? What would you do?
jealous? buang masa.. ;D

What is you highest achievement during school's years?
pelajar terbaik ;DMiss the school's life?
tak larh. edlin nak kerja. nak duit. ;D

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-all the follower

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award larh pulak!!!!!!!!
award nie edlin ambil di blog boo.. ;D